TDT Goes to Hollywood

TDT Goes to Hollywood

Like most entrepreneurs, not only do I run a small business, but I also have a full time career to help fund that small business. My career calls for approx. 30% of travel throughout the U.S., which I actually really enjoy. It’s the perfect amount of time on the road, meeting new people, visiting new cities, and making new connections in all aspects of my life. These connections sometimes lead to great opportunities.

In November of 2017 my work travels took me to Pasadena, CA flying in/out of the Hollywood/Burbank airport. With a little spare time on my hands before my flight home I ventured through the small terminal for some good people watching, but what caught my eye was a pair of Labrador socks hanging in a kiosk along the way. Of course I had to stop in and check out their goods. I noticed the sign, marketing to traveling pets, “Up Pup ‘N Away” and was instantly drawn in. It was in that kiosk I found some of the highest quality, American made pet products I’ve ever seen in such a small space. From colorful collars to unique breed specific gifts, and even a handful of all natural, organic treat and food items. I had my hands full of Christmas gifts for dog loving family members and made my way to the register, anxious to compliment the shop owner. Well, he happened to be the same person who was ringing me up, Marwick Kane. Of course I couldn’t wait to tell him all about my biz, and soon we were swapping stories and sharing small business tips. Good old fashioned networking.

The meet & greet ends with my offer to send a care package of samples and his willingness to consider selling Trail Dog Treats out of his kiosk. Both of which we follow through with over the next few months over email. My patience and persistence paid off in July 2018. I happen to be making my way back to Orange County for another work trip, this time traveling through the John Wayne airport, but close enough for me to make a call to my new connection, Marwick. I offer to hand delivery his first order if he’s willing to give TDT a shot. We make plans to meet in my office lobby upon my arrival. So, with a suitcase packed full of dog treats, and one little carry on for me I make my way to Irvine, CA with my first delivery outside of Colorado!

I couldn’t ask for a better partnership. The more I learned about Marwick and his business the more I realize he does so much more than just sell pet products. He’s living the animal awareness life, giving back to the community two fold by volunteering most of his free time to help people in need with the assistance of therapy dogs. This man is amazing. His volunteer efforts are not only heartwarming, but absolutely selfless. Marwick and his Doberman joined a volunteer group in 2012 called P.U.P.S., Pets Un-stressing Passengers located at L.A.X. and hasn’t stopped since. His business growth and pet therapy expansion is impressive to say the least, and I encourage you to read all about it here…

To conclude our story, I was able to spend a half hour or so with Marwick and his Doberman in the lobby of my office building, honored that he would take the time to not only meet with me to purchase an order of Trail Dog Treats to sell in his kiosk, but to get to know me, my story, and my hear all about my life with Tatum. It’s people like that that just “get it”, who understand the animal/human connection and why that’s so important. Of course I appreciate his business and hope this takes me to the next level of distribution, but I’m more excited, and proud to be affiliated with such a reputable company. Spreading our wings with Up Pup ‘N Away!

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