A Tribute to Tatum

A Tribute to Tatum

It’s with great sadness and a heavy heart to share the passing of my beautiful girl, Tatum. Words can’t describe the bond we shared from the moment we met. 2 years old, a Chocolate bundle of energy greeting me with a stuffed animal and kind eyes just waiting to begin our life together. A love that grew every day over the next 13 years.

Tatum was my inspiration in life and business. She was by my side taste testing recipes, getting me through endless hours of baking, and soon earning the title of VP of Research & Development for our new biz, Trail Dog Treats. My taste tester, event partner, sales girl, and delivery passenger. I couldn’t have asked for a better business partner. Trail Dog Treats was born because of Tatum. Sharing apples and granola bars on the trails was just the start. Soon we were baking up our own healthy snacks just for her. Tatum’s passion for food and love of a good challenge, coupled with my entrepreneurial spirit made us a mean team.

I’m so thankful to have found each other, soul mates to the core, and a connection like no other. The heartbreak is intense with lonely days ahead without my little shadow. Her strong will, adventurous, busy, loving, determined, silly, energetic personality brought me joy and laughter every day, teaching me to wake every morning with gusto! My partner in crime, explorer at heart. I’m so lucky to have shared so many amazing adventures together and live life to the fullest with my best friend by my side.

This is an end of an era, but Trail Dog Treats will live on in honor of Tatum and her spirit will be with us with every batch we bake and every delivery we make. I’m so proud of what we accomplished together and will continue to work hard to grow the business and give it my all, knowing that’s what Tatum would want. 

My heart aches for her physical presence,  but her soul will live on with me forever. We were fortunate to have time to say a peaceful goodbye in the comfort of our home one week ago. There’s a void her on earth, but a new angel above. God Bless, Tatum.

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