A Year in Dog Treats

A Year in Dog Treats


2010 was a year of experimentation for Trail Dog Treats. We experienced the ups and downs of starting up a small business, worked our way through the red tape to become legit, researched dog food trends & ingredients, and baked endless batches of treats to create a great brand.

As we look back on our year in dog treats, we see common industry trends that have influenced Trail Dog Treats product development. Trends including the development of natural dog food and emphasis on the use of human-grade ingredients; ingredients focused on the well-being of the whole animal and not just the individual parts.

There is an obvious trend of pet humanization amongst dog owners, often calling themselves parents and treating their canine companion as little humans with fur. Treating dogs as children, pet owners have become more health conscious, scrutinizing their pet’s diets. Many are turning to naturally made food and biscuits for their dogs. Despite the higher cost of all-natural, specialty treats compared to commercially produced biscuits, people are willing to spend the extra money. With the support of these health conscious pet owners, product development will only continue to improve. In 2011 we’ll continue to find more wheat-free, gluten-free, all natural and organic pet food options for our dogs. It’s this revolution in dog food/treat products that is to believed to increase the life span of dogs. Statistics show that within the past 15 years, dogs live an average of 3 years longer. This is great news for all of us doggie moms and dads! 


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