Change of the Seasons

Change of the Seasons

Summertime fun is coming to an end, but the memories of a great hiking season remain on our minds. Tatum and I ventured through the Rocky Mountains all summer long, discovering new trails, testing our endurance, and enjoying the natural beauty of the lakes and wildflowers all along the way.



Now the air is crisp, the trees are changing color, and the days are getting shorter. Fall is here and it’s just as beautiful as always. When the seasons change, so do our outdoor adventures. With less hours of sunlight in each day, our weekly hiking, running and trail destinations will often bring us closer to home. Some may call it a “backdoor adventure”; outdoor adventures that you and your dog can enjoy before/after work, on the weekends, or even during your lunch hour.
To integrate backdoor adventures into your fall fitness routine, take a look around your neighborhood… make note of easy to access bike paths, city parks, dog parks, lakes, and trails around you. One of the great perks of a backdoor adventure is packing light — no need for a car full of gear. Just throw on your shoes and go!


If given the choice of activities, Tatum will always choose a long distance trip to the mountains for a day long hike, but when we’re limited with time she’s just as happy taking in the sites in and around Denver… a stroll along the Platte River, playing catch at the city dog park, and running along the trails in the foothills. She also makes a great ball girl on the tennis courts!                                                     
There are many options for you and your dog to stay fit and active this fall season, so grab your dog and get outside!

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