“Cougar” Puppy Love

“Cougar” Puppy Love

The year was 2008.  Tatum was growing into a mature Lab; confident, well mannered, physically fit and looking better than ever.  Cooper was just a puppy; a spry, fluffy, ball of energy with no limits.  Living just blocks away from one another, their owners planned the initial introduction at Cooper’s house.  Tatum was greeted at the door by the adorable, goofy puppy dive bombing her out of control.  At first, Tatum was a bit put off.  She wasn’t quite sure if she had the patience for such an immature boy, but managed to survive the visit with treats and a lot of coaxing from her mom.

Although it wasn’t love at first site, after about 3 play dates Tatum became very smitten with the young pup.  She had met many male dogs in her 6 years on earth, but none like young Cooper.  His beautiful Golden coat, friendly kisses, adventurous personality, and unconditional love for Tatum made her fall head over heals!  They soon became official.  Cooper adoring her every move!  Tatum happy to find a playmate with the same stamina and zest for life!  Never a dull moment…



Because Cooper’s dad travels on a regular basis, he spends a lot of time at Tatum’s house with her mom (dog sitter extroidanaire).  Cooper’s second home is a love nest for the happy couple.  Being the older woman calling the shots, Tatum insisted that they spend Valentine’s weekend together.  Cheers to “Cougar” Puppy Love!


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