Doggie Tricks for Tasty Treats

Doggie Tricks for Tasty Treats

  Trick or Treat!  Halloween week is a great time to focus on product development in the Trail Dog Treats kitchen.  This season’s flavor of choice…  pumpkin.  Not only are these large squash tasty and nutritious, but a great source of beta carotene.  Pumpkin is also packed with potassium and high in fiber to help with doggie digestive systems. 

Nutritional facts (8 oz of cooked pumpkin):
49 calories
2 grams protein
12 grams carbohydrates
37 mg calcium
74 mg phosphorus
2 mg iron
265 RE vitamin A
12 mg vitamin C
*And a variety of essential minerals

Our creation is a pumpkin brownie bite, sure to please any furry ghost or goblin.  Soft and chewy!  Yum!


If you’re looking for a great healthy treat for your dog this Halloween night, but don’t want to mess around with baking your own pumpkin treats, just follow this simple technique…  as your carving your artistic creation, scoop out the insides of the squash and set aside in a bowl (be sure to remove the seeds).  Store bought canned pumpkin is okay too.  Heat up on the stove top to cook thoroughly and throw a couple of Tablespoons in his/her dinner.  You’ve got a festive Halloween meal custom-made for Fido!  Of course it’s best for dogs to earn their treats this time of year, by dressing up and performing their favorite tricks!




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