Hay is for Horses, Carrots for Dogs?

Hay is for Horses, Carrots for Dogs?

A Horse is a Horse of course.  But a dog who eats like a horse… that’s my dog!

I realized Tatum’s love of carrots when I first began testing recipes for the Red Rocks Scone Bone.  While cutting carrots down in size for food processing, pieces would often fall off the counter and onto the kitchen floor.  By Tatum’s reaction, you would have thought a sirloin steak landed in front of her… she’d gobble these carrot pieces up in record time, getting back in her “ready position” for the next falling orange gem to land.  

This little scenario became routine for us, whether we were baking treats or cutting up fruits and vegetables for human consumption.  After the discovery of carrots, Tatum was thrilled to find the same satisfaction in apples, zucchini, cucumbers and bananas.  The apples are a big hit on the trails.  They’re easy to pack, and a great thirst quencher too!

Research shows that a dog is classified as a carnivore, but is an omnivore in practice.  Therefore, vegetables are safe for dogs to eat (in moderation).  Many dog foods on the market include carrots as one of their ingredients, using this particular vegetable as a filler and vitamin supplement.  Trail Dog Treats are no different, as carrots and apples are a staple ingredient in our kitchen.  Other than the obvious benefit; a delicious crunchy snack that your dog will love, carrots can be good for plaque removal on your dog’s teeth. 

So, go ahead and feed your dog like a horse, with nutritious fruit & vegetable snacks… raw or cooked!

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