It’s a Pawty!

It’s a Pawty!

Tatum 15th bday
Tatum turns 15 today! Lets pawty! TDT headquarters is bustling with excitement as celebrate our guest of honor, VP of R&D, BFF of Nancy T, and the ultimate Queen Bee!

15 years and 15,000 reasons to love this sweet face. I’m blessed every day I wake up to my tail wagging side kick, who still greets each day with gusto. Daily reminders to live life to the fullest, love with all your heart, and never say no to a good adventure. What my dog has taught me through the years is priceless. All pets are here to teach us lessons, lessons of unconditional love. I’m honored to celebrate Tatum today and the lessons I’ve learned through her over the years.

Every day is a gift at this age… at any age, really. Cheers!

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