Treat Tips: Answers to the most common treat questions

Treat Tips: Answers to the most common treat questions

What’s the purpose for giving treats?                   

To use as a training tool? 
Choose a small, one bite treat that your dog really likes and can eat quickly
*Suggested treat: Tatum’s Trail Mix

To keep your puppy occupied?
Large bones are best for these situations, particularly raw hide bones.  It’s best to stay away from bones that can break apart easily to avoid choking.

To reward good behavior or just to be nice?
Feeding treats is a great way to help reinforce the special bond between you and your dog and reward positive behavior.   Healthy, low fat treat is best for this purpose.
*Suggested treat: Eldora Energy Cookie

How do you choose the right treat for your dog?

Consider your intended use, how often you’ll treat, your dog’s age and overall health, i.e. any known food allergies.  You should think about your dog’s size, chewing habits & capabilities, as well as any the activity level of your dog.  But, the most important consideration when choosing the right treat for your pooch is of course his/her taste preference!

If your dog is extremely active, involved in competitive shows and needs a lot of energy, then you probably should choose treats that have extra protein and fat that he can turn into extra energy. 
*Suggested treat: Sunshine Peak Treat

What are the benefits in feeding your dog treats?

Some treats – especially crunchy treats – promote dental health.  Biscuits are extremely popular due to their portability, crunch, and the fact that they help keep teeth clean by scraping off debris.  Such treats can also provide dental benefits by freshening breath and reducing plaque buildup and tartar formation.
*Suggested treat: Rocky Mountain Crunch Ball

Feeding your dog low-fat, wheat free, all-vegetable based treats provides him/her with essential nutrients while offering all the flavor and appeal of a delicious snack.  These types of treats are conducive to weight loss and assist in maintaining optimum health, which is a lifelong benefit!

Remember, treats should be given as they are intended and are not meant to be a staple in your dog’s diet.  Your dog still needs to maintain a healthy diet and weight, to ensure he/she has a long healthy life. Treats should not be more than ten percent of your dog’s daily diet.

Bon Appetit!

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