Winter Trails & Happy Tails

Winter Trails & Happy Tails

From the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains, we’ve been fortunate to enjoy trail time with all of our four legged companions. Thanksgiving holiday was a time for local hikes through the Colorado foothills with Tatum and friends. Christmas provided for humid, unseasonably warm hiking along the river in Connecticut with our cousin, Lexi. New Years will be spent in Bailey, CO snowshoeing through the forest in just above freezing temps.


The variety of terrain and change in weather patterns makes for interesting outings. Outings that call for preparedness. One thing we’ve learned over the years is to prepare for all kinds of conditions. Here’s a list of our “must have” picks when hiking in the Winter…

Reflective dog vest – Hunting season must have
Fleece lined waterproof vest – Cold days & snow fall
Musher’s Secret – Dog paw wax, natural breathable paw protection to avoid snow & ice build up in paws
LED light – Attach to your dog’s collar for short days with early sunsets. Perfect for Winter dusk
Water – Keep your dog hydrated, snow does not satisfy hydrations needs
Extra food – You never know when you might get held up or stay out longer than expected. Winter conditions often mean more calories burned when hiking through snow, important to stay energized with good nutritional snacks, i.e. TRAIL DOG TREATS 🙂
Poop bags – Always a necessity, no matter what the season

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